About EuljifyHTML

EuljifyHTML distributes EuljiFrame, a modern HTML template based on HTML5Up Stellar.


It aims to allow seemless and easy customisation of its elegant design language, Overlay Design.

Overlay Design uses a card-like body to contain your website text that move above a background; A frosted acrylic-like card.

EuljiFrame Releases

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Version Code Date Description Downloads
Release 1.1.1 (Nowon/노원) 27/May/2017 Bug fixes with extensions Full / Update
Release 1.1.0 (Nowon/노원) 26/May/2017 Added Extensions & Redone File Tree Full
Release 1.0.1 (Nowon/노원) 25/May/2017 First Stable Release. 80% Rewrite. Full
Release 1.0.0 Snapshot (Nowon/노원) 25/May/2017 Snapshot of Nowon 1.0.0 Full
Beta 2.0.0 (Sanggye/상계) 12/Feb/2017 Major Release. All assets are now hosted. Full / Update
Beta 1.1.0 (Danggogae/당고개) 10/Feb/2017 Feature Update & Bug fix Full / Update
Beta 1.0.2 (Danggogae/당고개) 9/Feb/2017 Bug fix Full
Beta 1.0.0 8/Feb/2017 First Release Build Full

EuljiFrame Extensions

Here's a list of released extensions for EuljiFrame.

Extension Description Download
CloudCookie Gives users consent that your site is using cookies. Solution to EU cookie law. Get
Flarloader Pro Full Flarloader plugin contains all loader colors Get

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