Guangzhiwen 光直文: Beta

Guangzhiwen 光直文 광직문

Introducing Guangzhiwen


/ku̯ɑŋ1/ /tʂɨ2/ /wu̯ən2/

Light (Bright) Straight Script

Guangzhiwen is a alphabetical writing system for Chinese. Unlike Hanyinjiewen, Hanyinzhongwen, Hanyinwen, Guangzhiwen is not a syllabary. As you write, Consonants and Vowels do not go into blocks. However, it works like Cyrillic or Latin, one straight row (with some exception).

Logic of Vowels

Primary Vowels

Primary vowels are vowels that come directly after the consonant. These are placed above the consonant using a special set of vowels (Called "Primary Vowels")

Secondary Vowels

Secondary Vowels are written normally like English (Letter-side-by-side).

Beta Documentation