Hanyinzhongwen 汉音中文: Classical Hanyinwen


汉音中文 漢音中文 한음중문

Hanyinzhongwen is a version of Hanyinwen before it was finished. Hanyinzhongwen was basically between Hanyinwen and Hanyinjiewen. This version was the "beta" version of Hanyinwen and I have decided to release this version.

You may have noticed that many images depicting Hanyinwen uses Hanyinzhongwen instead of itself because the changes to Hanyinwen was supposed to be small, however it has became very big. So big that all of the Meaning Indicators are not the same as Hanyinwen's. Consonants are curvy, more strokes and more complex.

Word Blocks & Similarities

Word Block from Hanyinwen

Hanyinzhongwen still works the way Hanyinwen works. Many consonants resemble both systems. All vowels are the same.


The link to the documentation will be provided, however no support for it will be given. Please expect missing vowels, consonants and duplicate consonants if there is any.

Documentation: Via Hanyinjiewen Site